Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Privacy

An interdisciplinary course on knowledge representation, reasoning, and privacy

Marcello Balduccini and Sarah Kushner
Computer Science Department
Drexel University


Due to the multidisciplinary nature of privacy, understanding how privacy issues arise and how they are resolved requires one to have the capability to understand how information from disparate domains may be linked in non-trivial, non-obvious ways by means of domain-specific knowledge and inference.

The main objective of this course is to give students this ability by providing them with strong foundations in knowledge representation, reasoning, and privacy. The course can serve as a foundation for a diverse body of students interested in privacy, allowing them to think about the subject in greater depth and to link the problems they discover with their other areas of expertise. Study topics include knowledge engineering and ontology development, and are grounded in use-cases related to privacy.

Course Materials

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